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Branding and launching a new space for creative coding and an interactive design tool with Kiel Mutschelknaus 

    • Intro

We launched The Playground to experiment on digital tools and creative coding at INTL.

How can digital tools encourage play?
How can code be used for expression?
Can code be used in an organic way?
Can digital tools encourage us to be more human?

    • Creative direction

Klee allows you to draw with images, draw with type, choreograph motions, craft your own brush, upload images, and export custom drawing animations. After generating your work, you can share it to a public gallery.

Klee created in collaboration with Kiel Mutschelknaus.

    • Concept

Klee is about enjoying the primal and instinctive notion of drawing, and evolving it.

We often view technology and digital tools as a means to perform tasks more quickly, easily or efficiently, but how can digital tools inspire expression, evoke feelings, and encourage us to play?

Enter The Playground

Draw with Klee.

    • Activation

We put the tool into action for International Assembly festival.

Using the Klee tool we created animations for the website, the main campaign for the festival, stinger videos for each of the twenty guests and conference presentation visuals.

    • Brand identity

The Playground website design builds on INTL's existing brand identity while introducing a more digital flavour with new patterns inspired by ASCII art and floating info panels which nod to skeuomorphism.

The Playground logo design and animation mirror the experience of drawing with Klee.

    • Concept

“Making tools is what makes us humans; what separates us from animals. It is quite literally the dividing line between us and primates. Extending this evolutionary history to the digital realm makes sense. Maybe it’s the next evolutionary sense. Digital becomes the new reality. Cyberspace the new jungle.” Kiel Mutschelknaus

    • Credits

Creative direction, branding, graphic design and website design: Warriors Studio
Tool development: Kiel Danger Mutschelknaus
Website development: Infinite Eye