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Future-proofing the twenty year legacy of renowned music collective Mungo’s Hi Fi

    • Intro

Mungo’s Hi Fi have been at the heart of soundsystem culture in the UK for over twenty years, playing at raves, clubs and festivals around the world.

The collective reached out to us to help them move their brand forward with a focus on changing perception, improving their online presence, increasing digital sales and building a brand strategy for the future.

    • Our approach

We helped Mungo's:

  • Articulate their vision as a collective
  • Enhance their online presence
  • Develop their brand identity to better represent the collective and connect with their fanbase
  • Improve brand perception with a more accessible, approachable and inclusive visual tone
  • Encourage new listeners, increase downloads and boost sales with a strategic plan, new online experience and more engaging digital content
  • Ensure the brand work can be maintained into the future by the Mungo's team with resources, templates and a social media plan
  • Build a strategy to help the collective to continue growing and achieving their goals for the future
    • Impact

The new brand identity, website and artworks are now live and showcased across all social channels.

The collective have seen boosted music sales, more bookings, connections with new audiences and feel more confident internally about the brand and their communication:

"The work has given us a new start coming out of lockdown. We are already feeling it breaking down barriers to people who may previously have been put off.” Craig MacLeod, Mungo’s Hi Fi co-founder.

    • Our approach

To help Mungo’s connect with new audiences, excite their current fanbase and carry a more open, accessible and inclusive vibe we had to dig deep to the roots. 

Through a brand workshop we helped the Mungo's Hi Fi team:

  • Articulate who the brand's audiences are
  • Identify potential future audiences
  • Identify current pain-points and successes of communication, perception and brand
  • Help clarify what makes Mungo's Hi Fi special within their market
  • Articulate the unique qualities of the collective
  • Create aspirations and goals for future-proofing

These insights became the foundations for building a long-term strategy and Mungo's new improved brand and online presence.

Website design mungoshifi.net
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Website Design Events Page
Website Design Events Page
    • Merchandise

As part of our work with Mungo's we created a new shop area of their website where the collective could showcase their newest merchandise and highlighted products before customers head to their global distributers.

To give fans an opportunity to be part of Mungo's next chapter and spread Mungo's new vibes we designed and helped launch a new range of merchandise and products including long-sleeve Ts, scarves, lighters and slipmats.

    • Antidote record artwork

Alongside working on Mungo's brand strategy and identity, we worked closely on Antidote which we created the typography, graphic icons, merchandise, digital artworks, vinyl artworks and labels for:

"Inspired by dub pioneers such as King Tubby, Scientist and Errol Thompson, crafted with a futuristic edge. This is an album designed for inner reflection, non-physical travel and communion with nature. In short, it’s an Antidote to all the stress and restriction of modern life." Mungo's Hi Fi

You can pick up the album on bandcamp or listen on your preferred listening platform fanlink.to/Antidotedub.

    • Antidote record artwork

The artwork is inspired by the album's core theme of healing from two opposing forces of life.
While listening we felt a slightly mystical/ritualistic or dreamlike quality, with echoing, warped and mystical sounds and ethereal, sometimes haunting vocals. We had a persistent sense of a feeling of positive change. Leaving a hard time behind. A healing journey.

For the production of the physical record we created a limited edition transparent red vinyl with yellow and dark blue transparent splatter to recreate the rich blending of colours in the album artwork.

    • Back in the Dayz artwork

Working closely with the Mungo's Hi Fi team we created the artwork for Back in the Dayz:

A homage to 90s rave, jungle and breakbeat, featuring Bristolian emcee Gardna and sultry London singer Catching Cairo. Over a jungle-esque break and a bassline sounding like a vibrating warehouse roof, Gardna and Catching Cairo share evocative memories of raves and dances they’ve enjoyed. The sounds, friendships, fashions and refreshments that connect the communal party experience flash by in a heady cocktail hit of nostalgia and optimism. The lyrics were co-written by London reggae singer, and Mungo’s collaborator, Kiko Bun.

The artwork is inspired by UK rave culture and being on the dance floor until sunrise.

    • Credits

Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Artwork and Web Design: Warriors Studio
Web development: Infinite Eye
Website link: mungoshifi.net