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As designers, everything we do is backed up with reasoning and rationale. Every decision we make must lead to a practical outcome. With Flumadiddle we wanted to take a step back, shake our day-to-day thinking and try to unlearn some of our established conventions by doing the complete opposite!

Flumadiddle is a showcase of local and international artists and designers curated by us. We asked artists and designers who inspire us to create a piece of work in response to:

Noun. [fluhm-uh-did-l]
definition: utter nonsense

Nonsense is communication that lacks coherent meaning. Nonsense is absurd, ridiculous and inconsistent. Be useless and be senseless!”

Including an interesting mix of styles and approaches was important, so we invited artists and designers who work across different mediums and encompass different tones and emotions in their work. The final selection included photography, digital 3D sculpture, typography, character design, collage, set design, illustration and closer-to-home classic graphic design.

Artists and designers we invited include Noviki (PL), Alex Wallbaum & Aleia Murawski (USA), Nadine Kolodziey (DE), Elise Mesner (USA), Sally Hackett (UK), Isabel Seiffert (CH), Calum Douglas (UK), Warriors Studio (UK), Anna Beil (DE), Jack Sachs (UK), Mark Bohle (DE), Célestin Krier (FR), Fedor Velyaminov (NL), Kévin Bray (FR), Corbin Mahieu (BE), Karol Banach (PL) and Jay Daniel Wright (UK).

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