East Ayrshire Advocacy Services

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We were asked to redesign and develop East Ayrshire Advocacy's brand identity, promotional material and print resources.

As the material was almost 15 years old, we worked heavily on the copy writing and re-evaluated the format of the resources before considering the branding to ensure it fulfilled its purpose and communicated effectively.

This involved changing the strap line from “Supporting people to make their views known” to “Giving people a voice”, ensuring the language is straightforward, effective and accessible.

All forms of communication were re-evaluated and updated including the logo, strap line, promotional leaflets, stationary and print resources for clients, many of whom have mental health issues and learning disabilities - meaning the design had to communicate as simply and efficiently as possible.

We developed a fresh palette of colours, a series of illustrated icons, bold clean-cut typography, graphic compositions, which represent waves of sound, and used the invitation; ‘HAVE YOUR VOICE HEARD!’ as the focus on the promotional material.

The move towards a more graphic, confident and energetic identity reflects the confidence, which clients develop through the support from the services.

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