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Artwork, sleeve design and merchandise for Antidote, an album inspired by dub pioneers and crafted with a futuristic edge

    • Antidote record artwork

Alongside working on Mungo's brand strategy and identity, we worked closely with Mungo's on Antidote which we created the typography, graphic icons, merchandise, vinyl artworks and labels for:

"Inspired by dub pioneers such as King Tubby, Scientist and Errol Thompson, crafted with a futuristic edge. This is an album designed for inner reflection, non-physical travel and communion with nature. In short, it’s an Antidote to all the stress and restriction of modern life." Mungo's Hi Fi

You can pick up the album on bandcamp or listen on your preferred listening platform fanlink.to/Antidotedub.

    • Antidote record artwork

The artwork is inspired by the album's core theme of healing from two opposing forces of life.

While listening we felt a mystical, ritualistic and dreamlike quality, with echoing, warped sounds and ethereal, sometimes haunting vocals. We persistently felt a sensation of positive change. Leaving a hard time behind. A healing journey. These feelings inspired the artwork.

For the production of the physical record we created a limited edition transparent red vinyl with yellow and dark blue transparent splatter to recreate the rich blending of colours in the album artwork.