Shorts Film Festival

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Complete identity for SHORTS, an independent short film festival based in Glasgow which welcomed more than 2,300 films from 96 countries to their open-call request for submissions in 2016.

Visual language and artwork designed to be used effectively across print and digital.

  • The illustrated play, pause, stop, fast forward and rewind icons employed throughout the identity provide an extension of the visual language used across film, cinema and media.

  • The typeface selected for Short's identity draws inspiration from subtitling machines for analogue film:

    "GT Cinetype is based on a design engineered for a cinema subtitling machine. By using a laser to erase the color layer of the film, very small and brilliantly white letters appear. The laser can only move in straight lines, so the typeface contains no curves.” – Grilli Type.

  • A custom set of numbers inspired by motion in film was created. The repeated letter frames mirror the analogue process used to create the illusion of motion in films.

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