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Creative direction and design for one of Europe’s leading dance companies

Rambert advertising on the tube
    • Intro

World-renowned dance company Rambert has a history dating back to 1914. Benoit Swan-Pouffer joined as artistic director in 2019, challenged with bringing a fresh perspective and vision.

Rambert approached us to work on the creative direction and design for their 2019-2020 campaign to mark this change.

    • Impact

The campaign made a bold statement as the “most radical visual change the organisation has seen in eighty years".

With strong support from Rambert’s artistic director, senior management, staff, dancers and stakeholders, the campaign built on Rambert's legacy as a contemporary forward-thinking organisation.

All objectives were achieved with increased engagement from new younger audiences and continued engagement with existing audiences.

Rambert campaign on the streets of London
    • Challenge

It was our role to help Rambert engage with new, younger, audiences, excite existing audiences and reflect Rambert's new vision as an organisation through their 2019-2020 campaign.

Working with Rambert's artistic director, senior management and marketing team, we developed the creative concept, developed the visual direction and designed all billboards, online ads, posters, fliers and printed programmes for the campaign.

    • Our approach

Working together like a ping pong game, back and forward through lots of sharing we pinpointed key words and topics which the campaign should encapsulate: Movement. Unconventional. Off-Kiltr. Classic but in your face. Modern Art Museum feeling. Editorial. Stark. Clean. Contemporary. Archive.

For Rambert, it was important to create something which was: "Modern and experimental but honours the past.” Benoit Swan-Pouffer, Rambert artistic director

We developed a type treatment which reflected this which could combine with the photography in clear and commanding compositions.

Campaign photography shot by Ben Hopper
Variable campaign typography
Campaign type treatment varying indentation and angle to create movement and energy
Rambert campaign on the streets of London
Flier design front and back
2019-2020 printed programme
2019-2020 printed programme
2019-2020 printed programme
2019-2020 printed programme
2019-2020 printed programme
2019-2020 printed programme
2019-2020 printed programme
    • Credits

Creative direction and design: Warriors Studio
Campaign photography: Ben Hopper