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Exploring feminist ideologies and demanding a cultural shift within the design industry

    • Intro

During Chaumont's Biennale de Design Graphique we designed a series of posters in a workshop led by Anja Kaiser.

The workshop involved reading a number of texts, each focusing on different issues around race, class and sex within the design industry.

After reading the texts, we reflected on the information together and responded by designing a series of posters based on our reaction.

    • Our Approach

Through the texts we discovered that many influential, iconic female designers had been entirely omitted from the documented history of design. We found this devastating and provoked us to articulate our posters with a series of demands for the design industry, including:

Wanted: Raised Social Consciousness For: The Design Industry
Wanted: Equality of Voices For: The Design Industry
Wanted: New Traditions For: A New World

Clearing the Haze: Prologue to Postmodern Graphic Design Education through Sheila de Bretteville published by Izzy Berenson and Sarah Honeth on The Gradient was particularly eye-opening.

Visual hierarchy exercises provided the visual material for the posters which also explored the idea of hierarchy through their content
Exploring the idea of a broken hierarchy visually through the poster and politically through the texts
Poster hanging in Tisza Textil in Chaumont, France
Poster hanging in Tisza Textil in Chaumont, France
    • Concept

The posters are inspired by classified advertisements typically seen in newspapers or magazines. These typically advertise a service or product which is wanted or offered by an individual. For us the service wanted is a cultural shift and the 'person' we are targeting is the design industry at large.

All typefaces on the posters were designed by women.
League Gothic by Caroline Hadilaksono, Zarathustra by Lorene Ceccon and Serif Babe by Charlotte Rohde.

Exhibited at Tisza Textil in Chaumont, France
    • Credits

Workshop led by: Anja Kaiser
Posters designed by: Warriors Studio
Additional posters designed by: Workshop team
Exhibition design by: Anja Kaiser