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We were invited by Icon Magazine to redesign something which we thought needs updating, has been designed badly or has a problem which needs solving. The project was published in the April 2015 edition as part of Icon's Rethink project and can be viewed online here.

We want to take a positive step towards improving Wikipedia's visual identity and offer alternative solutions to how the information could be organised, displayed and navigated. We consider this to be only an initial proposal as we realise that this project would be a mammoth undertaking!

We are both fascinated by, and also regular users of, Wikipedia. Describing itself as an “internet-based free multilingual open-source encyclopedia”, the website is a platform where timeless knowledge meets modern technology. It employs an open-source model, under which users can add to and edit content, promoting the concept of a “global community” - something we strongly believe in.

Aspects we redesigned include the logo, typography, colour palette and also the interface, making it more user-friendly by reconsidering the menu options, making better use of the contents section, improving image organisation, simplifying the navigation and improving the article's readability.

This collaborative encyclopedia is an international phenomenon and one of the most widely read platforms on the internet, yet it is cluttered, maze-like, dated and in serious need of streamlining.

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