Vauxhall Art Program

  • identity
  • web
  • brand development

We were invited by Vauxhall One Business Improvement District popup: yes to work on developing the idea, concept, brand identity and the digital aspects of Vauxhall Art Program; which aims to connect the cultural venues, events and green areas of Vauxhall through an interactive map, app, web platform and physical hub. The intention of promoting these things collectively, is to help the development of Vauxhall as a hot-spot for creativity and culture.

Our challenge was to create something contemporary, yet timeless and flexible. The identity must speak directly to the creative scene while remaining easily accessible to the public.

  • Creating a series of geometric components provided us with a set of icons which can be used across communications but when brought together create VAP's distinctive logo; an abstract map of the local area.

  • Using a base palette of greys provides a neutral yet sophisticated tone and allows us scope to introduce key tones and colours as the Program develops.

  • Alongside the digital platform, the VAP app allows people to navigate the area, find out about events close by and become informed on-the-go through their smartphones, opening opportunity for social media integration.

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