Local Heroes 'Nummer Wans'

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'Nummer Wans' is an A1 poster print, designed to champion Scottish inventions, discoveries, innovation and design, commissioned by Local Heroes.

The print is a contemporary interpretation of a classic souvenir poster with 'Nummer Wans' being West-coast Scottish dialect for 'Number Ones'. We wanted to celebrate something unique to Scotland, aside from the rolling landscapes, friendly people and volatile weather so responded to Visit Scotland's leading statement:

“Scotland has been changing the world as we know it for centuries, one innovation at a time. From the wheels on your car and the tarmac they drive on, to the telephone, television and much more – all this was possible thanks to Scottish ingenuity.” – VisitScotland

Local Heroes is a project which celebrates contemporary Scottish design and is bringing together Scottish designers in an exhibition of commissioned pieces at Edinburgh Airport as part of Scotland's Year of Innovation Architecture and Design.

More on the concept behind the print here.

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