Isla Macer Law

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Isla Macer Law is a jeweller and multi-disciplinary maker.

To help her best represent herself and her work, we developed a visual identity; typographic marque, business card, letter headed paper, with compliments slip and website.

Combining materials like hand cut marble, rubber latex and fabric, Isla’s sculptural, often soothing, work questions ideas around wellbeing and health.

When looking at her body of work, it has an ethereal, light and tactile quality, despite the robustness and solidity of some of the materials and forms she uses.

We wanted to communicate this through the identity, so using a strong, triangular grid layout for the text in carefully considered whitespace captured this tension between structure and fluidity, allowing the identity to become an extension of Isla and her work.

Her stationary and business cards were printed on GF Smith Colourplan bright white 120gsm and 700gsm respectively with the lettering foil embossed locally by Glasgow Press in cool grey.

  • Isla’s work questions ideas around wellbeing and health and despite often working with solid marble, her work has an ethereal, light, and tactile quality. combining materials like hand cut marble, rubber latex, fabric and concrete.

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