"The set of characteristics by which a person or thing is definitively recognizable or known."


We help companies, organisations and individuals communicate who they are and what they do in a unique, memorable and effective way.

We call this, developing a brand identity.

When developing an identity we build a brand. Your brand is what people think of when they think of you. Your brand is what people associate with you. Your brand determines whether people like or dislike you. Your brand is your reputation. Your brand is everything. You are your brand.

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"Your identity is made up of far more than just a logo, your brand is everything people associate with you."

Base assets, which we produce while developing a brand identity include a colour palette, typography (lettering), layout, information structure, hierarchy, tone, imagery (photography, illustration, pattern if appropriate), logo/marque and stylistic direction where appropriate.

As all projects are different and we tailor the process and what is created for what we consider will be most effective for each.

Your brand identity directly influences how people perceive and interact with you and as a result, your success. Having an effective and appropriate brand identity can impact your success.

We develop flexible visual languages which can be applied to any assets or platforms and inform all aspects of your communication.

Once your brand identity has been developed, we consider the application of your flexible visual language to specific articles and assets. When using the word assets, we refer to the items which have been specifically designed for you using your own brand identity, e.g letterhead, business cards, publications, website, signage etc.

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