When Two Become Three


On Tuesday March 4th 2014 we promoted an opportunity to volunteer at Scotland’s first, yet to be organised, graphic design festival. Two days later we were sat in a cafe with Victoria Donnelly, the enthusiastic 2nd year student who would soon become the first member of our team.

From Graphic Design Festival Scotland existing only in some wishful, scribbled notes and Warriors Studio operating as a behind-the-scenes collaboration at University, Victoria has been with us for the entire journey. As it’s coming up for three years since we first met we felt it was time to recognise her importance to us.

Victoria officially joined us part time in July 2016. Fast forward to January 1st 2017 and her dedication, positive energy and ability to see things from a completely different perspective earned her a well deserved full-time role at the studio.

This year we challenged Victoria to help us bring the programme for Graphic Design Festival Scotland 2017 to life and so far she’s done an excellent job. She takes care of all festival correspondence, offers support with almost all day-to-day running of the studio, offers her creative input anywhere it's needed and has managed complete projects. She certainly exceeds her official title of Junior Project Manager.

Making meticulous lists and notes from market research, personal experience and attending other design events first-hand, Victoria has an ever-growing master plan to make GDFS 2017 the biggest and best yet.

Recently graduating from Edinburgh College of Art Victoria sees everything from a fresh perspective and her opinion is the first one we ask for when developing new work.

On a personal note Toria, as she is more often known, is a mac and cheese enthusiast, an avid shirt collector and attracted to all things shiny.

Most importantly though, she's a Warrior and we love her.