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Shaking things up in Aix en Provence

How can you shake things up at a university and inspire students?

That was our challenge in a week-long workshop at Ecole de Communication Visuelle ECV in Aix-en-Provence, France.

With structured fast-paced practical exercises, conceptual challenges and longer-term strategic objectives, group presentations, independent work, opportunities to learn new skills and group discussions throughout the week, we encouraged a hunger in the students which resulted in full class of engaged, inspired and motivated students who produced work they are proud of.

Appointed as the new creative directors of Graphic Design Festival Scotland 2019, the students were challenged with rethinking the brand identity and promotion for 2019. With considerable challenges, hurdles and continual critique and encouragement throughout, a set of unique, original and thought provoking projects were produced by the class.

From sound-driven websites which focus on the absence of the "visual" to forging a new nation as a festival, playing with the "unexpected" or "experimental" nature of what happens at the festival through to building on the community-focused ethos, the workshop outcomes impressed us all.

Thank you to all of the staff and students at ECV Aix en Provence and we look forward to working with the students in Paris.

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