Mural with Mearns Castle High School

We led a workshop enabling students of Mearns Castle High School to design and paint a 1500 square foot mural and revamp their bike shelter with a surface design inspired by their school’s Heritage and the surrounding area.

“The mural has made a massive improvement to the school environment.”
Dean Smith, Head Teacher, Mearns Castle High School

The project took place over two weeks and was split into three stages:

  1. Research
  2. Design
  3. Production

The project saw the students present research findings about their school’s Heritage and their surrounding environment, design a 1500 sq foot mural, appoint a project manager, media manager and mural painters, taking charge of the project and proudly painting the mural themselves.

“Giving the class control of the project empowered them. I could see a great improvement in their focus, motivation and self-confidence”
Stephanie Lightbown, Head of Art, Design and Technical, Mearns Castle High School

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