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We're delighted to have a 10 page feature in the July/August edition of Étapes magazine, where we offer our perspective on Glasgow, talk about our collaborative approach and discuss what it's like to run a design festival. Charlotte Guibert of Étapes also says some kind things about our work and the approach we take to running the studio.

This issue (232) focuses on European creative cities outwith captials and the usual suspects: Paris, London, etc. The cities highlighted include Porto, Munich, Zurich, Budapest, Glasgow and Rotterdam.

We were honoured to be asked to curate the Glasgow section of the magazine and highlighted other studios who we believe to be creating strong work in the city, including our friends at Freytag Anderson, Gabriella at Risotto and Graphical House. On pages 200-201 we discuss the city of Glasgow from our perspective. If you are interested in reading the English version, please get in touch.

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